Sasha Nevah

Flame–haired and boisterous, and missing a pinky.


This red-haired human boarded the Jenivere in Ilizmagorti. Since leaving Mediogalti Island, the woman’s somber demeanor has gradually faded, revealing a boisterous and optimistic personality. None have yet questioned her about her missing left pinky finger.

Sasha is willing to serve as a Hunter or Defender at camp. (Note though that at the end of the first evening she is very unfriendly to the group due to her interaction with Torlan.)

Sasha has some sort of tattoo on her back that nobody had seen clearly. During the first evening Torlan asked her about it, causing her to angrily shrug the back of her shirt down and show him the crossed claws symbol of the Red Mantis as she said that it was a “present” from her mother and a key reason why she’d rather die than ever return to Ilizmagorti.

After the second day on the Shiv Sasha mentioned that she thought the dimorphodons were “cute” and that she’d love to have an egg or captured one to raise as a pet.

Sasha Nevah

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