Serpent's Skull

Session 3

Torlan's Story, game 3

[Chronicling the game happening 6/2/12]

The castaways that were up for exploring today were Shep, Gyoza, Gimarn, Finnias, and Torlan. Susul was feeling under the weather, so decided to stay in camp and help boost morale.

Day 4 the priority was to find a fresh source of water and move base camp, keeping in mind security as well. Secondary goals were to find further evidence of Captain Alizandru Kovack and Ieana’s purpose, locate the shipwreck of the Brine Demon for Jask, procure some Viper Nettleberrys for Aerys, and secure a Dimorphodon for Sasha.

We began with a further search of the coast on the outside of the island to the south. The loose idea was to spend a third of the day exploring the coast, a third of the day circumventing the jungle between outer coast and the inner bay, then travel back to camp along the inner bay.

While traveling, we discovered a large snake trail similar to what we’ve seen the day before, which we choose to mark for later. We also see a shipwreck named Golden Bow, which we also set aside. The largest discovery of interest is a small camp about 3 – 5 days old that looks to have sheltered 2 people who arrived from the sea then departed inland. Speculation is this is where Captain Kovack and Ieana came ashore. The trail is marked for pursuit after basecamp is shifted.

Fresh water is found in the form of a slight spring that joins with a large rain catch. We quickly scout out a suitable spot for base camp to be relocated, then begin to head back.

Along the way we encountered a nest of Dimorphodons. Using non-lethal methods, they are subdued and captured along with their eggs. Upon returning to base camp, Sasha is pleased at the effort and starts to talk about the care and training of the beasts with Torlan. She also informs the group that she knows a handy trick in combat to better get the jump on opponents that she would be happy to share. There is a noticeable shift towards the positive in her demeanor.

Day 5 begins and ends with the moving of base camp. All day is spent relocated and setting up at the new location.

Day 6 we head back to scout the wreck of the Golden Bow. While exploring it Gyoza falls through a rotten portion of the deck and is set upon by four zombies. The party rallies around him and they are dispatched. 70 gold pieces are found along with some crates of cookware, of which enough is taken to supply the camp.

After that wreck is left behind, we see one more ship wreck off the coast about half a mile, caught up against a small outcropping of rocks. We are unable to get to it without either swimming or taking a boat, so we make note of it for future exploration.

The snake lair seen from the previous day is dealt with. A single mighty swing of Gyoza downs it. One shot. Yup. After that we head back to camp for the night.

Day 7 is when we try to follow the set of footprints from the two person camp. We manage to track them through the jungle to a creek, but then lose the trail.

As we were tracking, however, a Viper Nettleberry bush was spotted. Getting to the berries would have been problematic, if Gimarn had not been uniquely equipped by his god to easily navigate treacherous terrain. The berries were retrieved with barely a scrape.

As we returned the camp was attacked by a few skeletons. Their defeat was swift and without harm to anyone.

After the fight Sasha made a remark how she saw a goat drained of blood left 10 feet up in a tree while out hunting. It was also noted that a large leathery flapping sound was heard the previous night, followed by the sensation of being watched from the treeline. While there isn’t anything we can do currently, everyone will keep an eye out.

Day 8 is spent learning Sasha’s combat trick and doing some hunting. We start planning for following Jask’s treasure map the next day.



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