Serpent's Skull

Session 2

Torlan's Story, game 2

[Chronicling the game happening 5/5/12]

This begins the third full day of our island entrapment. By now all of the surviving passengers who were poisoned have woken up, including a minstrel by the name of Susul. Gimarn, Gyoza, Finnias, Shep, Torlan and Susal decide to band together to help aggressively explore the island and organize the camp to survive the hostile environment.

Aerys, Gelik, Ishirou, Jask and Sasha are willing to help with camp, but don’t want to explore. After some discussion tasks are chosen that suit what they want to do with what the camp needs. With camp in order, the explorers set out.

We began north along the outer coast. A man sized snake trail was found, which was followed to find a snake sunning itself on some rocks. It was attacked and defeated quickly, without poisoning anyone.

The midday heat was weathered, along with the half hour of tropical rain. Everyone seemed to droop during this time, and we just tried to stay awake in the shade. It was soon apparent that each day would include a midday break like this.

When the weather was more comfortable, we continued. Dimorphadons were seen flying out among the waves then back to nests on the cliff. We disturb a nest and were attacked. Two adult Dimorphadons are killed, and we capture a few eggs from the nest below for further meals.

While continuing along the cliff, a ship was spotted that had somehow been driven up onto the cliff. It had been caught in such a way that it was about halfway up the rocky face and wedged. Using rope, we lowered ourselves onto the deck to explore it. Strangely, no bodies were found. The name of the ship is the Tattooed Lady.

As the group nears the tip of the peninsula, we decide to cut across to avoid disturbing more Dimorphadons. We reach a vantage point at the inner edge where we can see across the channel of the small bay. We see two smaller outcroppings or islands, which may be reachable by land at low tide. The further of the outcroppings appears to be grey, devoid of color entirely.

With the light starting to fade, we begin heading back to camp for the night. Along the way we stumble upon another Dimorphadon nest, with the same results as before. Torlan tries to tame two Dimorphadon hatchlings, but is unable to calm them. They are quickly killed to spare them the slower death by exposure.

After the return to camp it was found out that Sasha has a fondness for Dimorphadon, and would like to have one should we have the opportunity.



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