As we get started the first thing folks probably want to read is the Serpent’s Skull Player’s Guide, which you can download for free. This gives you a ton of helpful suggestions about character classes, feats, and whatnot as well as a set of Campaign Traits that help explain how your character came to be on board the Jenivere at the start of the campaign. You may pick one trait from this list and one other legal trait from wherever (Advanced Player’s Guide is the best single source, but most regional Player Companion books also have some traits available.

One house rule: I will probably limit the party to only having one character with the “Get the Cargo Through” trait, due to the fact that we’ll have to work out the nature of the special cargo and because I don’t want a shipful of special cargo that everyone is concerned about. One person with the trait is fine and if two people really want the trait we’ll talk.

Serpent's Skull

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